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Trans-Guard 910016 DCVBD Product Overview:

GrayStone Automation's innovative DCVBD voltage breakdown meter measures the breakdown voltage of many lightning protection devices and components to identify transient protection devices that may be damaged or defective and help prevent costly transient damage to critical and expensive equipment.
Weighing only 16 ounces and powered by two 9 volt batteries or an optional AC-DC power supply, the rugged hand-held unit is completely portable making it ideal for field or bench use.
The DCVBD meter has two 3/4" spaced banana terminals to support testing of devices using the test leads provided or facilitate using the popular BNC to banana plug adapter to adapt to a variety of common RF adapters.
The slim DCVBD meter comes complete with a heavy duty vinyl carrying case, batteries, easy-to-follow instructions and a set of alligator test leads.

Trans-Guard 910016-100 Transient Test Meter
Trans-Guard 910016
PoE Transient Test Meter

Our Trans-Guard DCVBD meter provides a 1kV @ 1mA test signal for direct measurement of the DC breakdown voltage of a variety of         transient protection devices/products to help identify protection products that may be defective or damaged. The meter operates on 9V batteries and can be plugged into a 24VDC AC-DC adapter for bench operation.

Trans-Guard Transient Test Meter 910016-100 Specifications
Trans-Guard 910016 Transient Test Meter Specifications
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