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GrayStone Automation

Automation & Wireless Solutions


GrayStone Automation's engineering group is well experienced in working  with our customers to develop automation, wireless and embedded control solutions to meet the demands of complex  applications.

Our engineers are equipped with the latest in state-of-the-art design, development tools and equipment to produce the  analysis, drawings, software/firmware, and documentation required to take your ideas from concept to completion.

Our production facilities are equipped to support the manufacture custom control panels, integrate wireless & embedded control system assemblies.

We focus on quality manufacturing and employ industry standard best practices in all aspects and phases of our manufacturing processes.

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Automation Solutions

Engineered solutions for control & management of industrial equipment & processes.

  • Specification review & document generation.

  • PLC/PCA loop/interconnects drawings.

  • Control panel electrical & mechanical drawings.

  • PCA/PLC program software & documentation.

  • SCADA program software & documentation.

  • Calibration & test documentation.

  • Installation, operation & maintenance manuals.

  • Onsite startup.

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Field Services

Field service support of automation equipment & wireless networks.

  • PCA/PLC programming.

  • HMI programming.

  • System loop checks.

  • System & control panel upgrades & repairs.

  • Wireless network implementation.

  • Onsite startup.

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Panel Fabrication

Engineered panel design & fabrication for automation & wireless applications.

  • Engineering & system design.

  • Electrical & mechanical drawings.

  • Panel fabrication & assembly.

  • Testing & certification.

  • Installation drawings.

  • Operation & maintenance documentation.

  • Employee training.

  • Onsite startup.

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Wireless Networks

Engineered solutions for reliable wireless operation of field equipment & processes.

  • Engineer network size & configuration requirements for field application.

  • Engineer hardware & firmware as required to meet field application requirements.

  • Engineer power solutions for wireless network field operation.

  • Test & validation of wireless field network.

  • Installation, operation & maintenance drawings.

  • Onsite installation & startup.

Transient Protection

Custom engineered solutions that prevent lightning, EMP and other transient damage to sensitive communication, RF and data equipment.

  • Engineer operation requirements for system protection.

  • Develop & produce required transient protection products.

  • Test & validation of transient protection products at a system level.

  • Installation, operation & maintenance drawings.

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Test Equipment

Custom engineered test equipment solutions to meet customer new product introduction or manufacturing requirements.

  • Embedded micro-controller allow for unique application specific requirements.

  • Engineer requirements for equipment operation.

  • Develop & produce required hardware, firmware & user interfaces.

  • Produce required schematics, PCB & PCA documentation.

  • Test & validation of equipment.

  • Installation, operation & maintenance drawings.

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