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Phalanx 910062 TFT Touch Screen Display Remote Control Overview:

GrayStone Automation's Phalanx TFT hand-held touch screen remote control facilitates the operation of up to 8 networked Phalanx relay output tranceiver endpoints with each endpoint having up to 8 channels. Our remote control wireless products operate on a license free ISM band and utilize state-of-the-art HFSS technology to provide reliable, EMI resistance two-way communication between the remote control input and relay output transceivers with a range of up to 1000 feet clear line-of-sight.

Our Phalanx TFT remote control can be factory programmed for customized display features as required by the customer and are a cost effective choice for sustainable wireless remote control for network applications.

Phalanx 910062 TFT Remote Control
Phalanx 910062
TFT Remote Control

Phalanx TFT display remote control transceivers feature touch screen operation of 8 networked relay output endpoints each having up to 8 channels. EMI resistance FHSS technology ensures sustainable & reliable monitor & control of remote equipment.

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Phalanx TFT Remote Control
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