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Phalanx 910057 Relay Endpoint Transceiver Overview:

GrayStone Automation's Phalanx wireless products operate on a license free ISM band and utilize state-of-the-art HFSS technology to provide reliable, EMI resistance two-way communication between the sensor input and relay endpoint transceivers.
Our Phalanx family of products offer easy integration into existing automation and SCADA systems and are a cost effective choice for sustainable wireless remote control and networking applications.

Phalanx 910057 Relay Endpoint Transceiver
Phalanx 910057
Relay Endpoint Transceiver

Phalanx 4 channel relay endpoint remote control transceivers feature 20A current sense, EMI resistance FHSS technology, ease of networking and self-healing connectivity; providing sustainable & reliable monitor & control of remote equipment.

Phalanx Relay Endpoint Transceiver
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